Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Infatuation: White Trousers

I have this infatuation with white trousers. Whether they're cropped, rolled up, dragging on the floor, high-waisted, slouchy or skin tight I love them. When I see white trousers it instantly makes me think of the Spring. 

Some tips for wearing white pants because you don't want to look like an a$$ or show it:

1). Please, please, please keep your under garments neutral. No white panties do not go with white pants and neither does black. Also do not wear thong ladies, white pants are reveling enough and we don't want to see dimples.

2). White reflects white and makes things appear larger. Unless it a jean, don't go for skin-tight white, go for a more comfortable, loose-fitting pant.

3). Opt for quality ... durable fabric. Quality fabrics are less likely to be see-through.

4). If you haven't already try an all white look!

Wear your white pants responsibly.