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Lusting over tulle skirts

Tulle skirts embraces femininity to the fullest!! What little girl has not been fascinated by tulle? Whether it's in the form of a wedding dress or ballerina tutu, little girls to adult women love tulle. And what can I say the poof-ier the better! As an adult woman I have been in love with the tulle skirt every since seeing Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. I have been seeing them here and there, but now I think it's time for me to actually go and purchase one. Here are a few inspiring photos that I have seen on the web which has actually persuaded me that it is now time to go out and get one!






images via: http: The Style Mogul, Socialbliss, Red Rose CheeksThe Style MogulA La Mode WearhouseMy Fashion Tricks, proper style, Retro Flame Blogspot, Style Pantry, Atlantic Pacific Blogspot

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Shoe Lust ... Truth or Dare by Madonna

I am completely in love with Madonna's fairly new shoe line Truth or Dare. The line definitely has bits and pieces of Madonna such as thigh high stilettos, black leather, studded and very sexy. Madonna appointed her costume designer and stylist of years, Arianne Phillips, as the creative consultant for the brand. Which makes sense, since she knows her style and knows what Madonna does and does not like. All of those shoes seen here are from or and all of them are currently under $150. I'm headed to my local Macy's after work to see what I can get, and I have an extra 25% of coupon ... "Barrrgggain shopppper!" That just made me think of the Brittney Spears portrayal in Meet the Spartans ... lol!

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Black History Month: Diana Ross

Black History month is an opportunity to remember all the wonderful accomplishments that our ancestors have achieved and the perseverance and adversity that they showed while being faced with tremendous odds.  Black History Month provides a platform for every one in the world to learn about the struggles that African-Americans have faced and how far we have come in today's society.
I will start off my 1st Black History Month post with Diana Ross. Diana Ross is classic, sexy, timeless, legendary and iconic all in one. Diana Ross born March 26, 1944 was best known for her part in the Supremes (later known as Diana Ross and the Supremes) and starring in The Wiz and Lady Sings the Blues. Her style is very adventurous. Especially in the time she made bold fashion decisions and I love it. That is one celebrity closet I would love to raid. Can you imagine all the goodies that you will find? Please enjoying some of my favorite Diana Ross pictures.